Man who killed wife, girlfriend says he had sex with her

Posted August 17, 2018 05:53:06A man who killed his girlfriend’s wife, then his girlfriend, and then himself in the house has admitted killing his wife and his girlfriend.The 33-year-old man from Queensland has been charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of his wife’s mother-in-law and girlfriend.Police allege he killed his wife, his girlfriend and

How to stop ‘sparkling’ solar panels with Cisco Systems’ ECS model

A new solar system model for the global energy market is making waves in the tech world.A Cisco Systems (CSCO) solar system can be designed to produce 1 megawatt of energy, which is the equivalent of approximately 40 homes.That’s about 10 times less energy than a typical solar panel.Cisco Systems says the ECS system is

What to look for in your travel security system

What to keep in mind when purchasing a security system to protect your devices, equipment, and documents?We’re here to help!We’re a global travel security company and we provide professional travel solutions, including travel insurance, hotel security, baggage screening, travel management, and more.We’ve been providing this service since 2003, and our mission is to help you

How to prevent colds and flu with a nasal spray

The new technology that can save lives and improve your health is not new, but its success has not been shared in the scientific community.A study published last month in the journal Science found that nasal sprays made of an oxygen-rich, oxygen-neutralizing material, called OPA2, can dramatically reduce the risk of respiratory illness and influenza.The

When is the best time to buy a car stereo system?

When is your best time?With the Audi Q5’s next-generation QX7, the automaker is offering its next-gen QX4 model with an 8.5-inch touchscreen display, an 18.5:9 aspect ratio display, a 5.7-megapixel front-facing camera, and a pair of Bluetooth headphones.This is the QX5 model, which has the same touchscreen and front-firing speakers, and which is also the

Apple ‘s new skeleton system is a ‘killer app’ for tracking the health of its employees

Apple has announced that it has created a new “skeleton” system that can be used to track the health and fitness of its staff, in an attempt to counter the increasing health concerns of its workers.The move comes after a number of tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all faced increased concerns

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