How to get around the pollution in Berkey water supply

The water in Berkeys Water System has been affected by pollution and contamination in the past.

But this latest water problem is worse than anything that has happened in the water system in decades.

It comes after the state government ordered the water treatment plant at Berkeys to shut down.

“This is a major crisis.

The water supply in the system is being damaged by pollution, contamination, and pollution,” Berkey resident and activist Jethro Mihalji told RTE.”

The water has stopped flowing from the system.

The entire system is in disarray,” Mihalsi said.

“It is a very serious situation.”RTE spoke to the head of the Berkey Water System, Nirmal Saha, and the company’s chief executive officer, B S Shastri, to get their views on the latest water crisis in the state.

On March 30, authorities ordered the Berkeys water treatment system to shut off.

“Due to the fact that the water is contaminated, we have decided to temporarily stop treatment at the Berky Water Treatment Plant,” Saha told Rte.

“However, we will continue treatment of the water until the problem is fixed.”

The company has been operating under a licence agreement that runs until 2023.

However, it will be up to the state water authorities to decide whether to allow it to continue.

The water supply is the main source of drinking water for Berkeys.

“In the past, we treated water from the city of Bhatinda and treated it to a certain level,” Sahu said.

“We will continue treating water from other sources and will treat it further to a higher level.

We will continue to treat the water for the people and the environment,” Saho said.

However he stressed that the company will not shut down production of drinking-water in the city.

“No, we are not planning to stop our production.

We have always been producing drinking water in Bhatindas water supply, which is what is in our licence agreement with the government,” Sahi said.

The company will also continue to use the water in the village of Pukhleb, he added.

The government has issued a notice asking the company to close down and suspend operations until a water remediation process is completed.

The authorities also said that if the company continues to discharge the water into the sea, it could face a fine of R50 million ($1.2 million).

Sahu said he has also received an order to take the water back.

“I am not going to waste my money on the water,” he said.

In February, Berkey’s main water treatment facility shut down due to the pollution.

However there is no suggestion of any further problems at the water supply.

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