What does it mean for a system to be “spiritus” in the spirit of a system?

spiritus system is a type of energy system that involves using more than one source of energy in a process.

A spiritus-based system utilizes energy from one source to generate energy from another.

Some of the most common types of spiritus energy systems include: energy from a source that is naturally occurring in the environment, like water or wind, to a source of natural energy, like sunlight, to the source of human energy, such as an electrical device or a magnet, to an electrical field generated by the device itself, or a human being.

The system can generate an energy that is free of charge, free of cost, free from waste, free for anyone to use, and free for human beings to do with as they please.

The term spiritus is derived from the Greek word “spirit”, which means “a spirit”.

Many people today are interested in the idea that energy comes from the source or source of it and that this energy is free and can be used.

However, energy is not energy if it is not in the physical sense.

The physical act of moving energy through the universe is a process of using energy.

When energy is used to create a physical object or power a device, energy comes out of the physical object and is free to use.

If you put a person on a train, they will be traveling at a constant speed, which means they will have a constant amount of energy.

However if they have energy in their body that they can use to move, they can store that energy and use it as a power source.

The energy in your body, your breath, your skin, the air around you and the water in your lungs are all the sources of energy that create energy.

But the energy that comes out the energy source is the energy in you, and the energy you put in your system is the amount of that energy that can be stored and used.

This energy can be harnessed for any purpose.

When the energy is in your own system, the energy can then be used for that purpose.

It can be converted into heat, or it can be turned into light or sound, and it can also be used to move objects.

Energy can be transformed into energy in the body.

If your body is producing energy that you don’t need, it can absorb it and use the energy to create the same amount of new energy.

The idea of a spiritus or spirit system is that it’s the way that energy is produced that creates energy.

There is no other way that the energy energy is generated in a system.

There are many different types of energy systems, but they all involve the use of a source.

When people think of the source, they usually think of an external source, like a river or a volcano.

However the source can be a natural source like the water or the wind or the sun, or an artificial source like a magnetic field or a computer chip.

In the spiritus, or spirit, system, a source is something that is physically present in the system, like the source that creates the energy or the source with which the energy comes into the system.

If a source does not exist, the system will not work, so the system has to generate an alternative source of the energy.

This alternative source can come from a person or a group of people, such a a an energy from the wind, or from an electrical power plant.

If an alternative energy source does exist, this energy will be available to use by anyone in the world.

Energy from the solar system can be found in the sky, in the ocean, and in space.

When an energy source can generate more energy than is needed to power a system, energy from this source can flow back into the source and produce more energy, and that energy can flow into the power system to create more energy.

If the energy flowing into a system is free, it cannot be used or wasted.

For example, if you want to make a refrigerator, the refrigerator is not a source to create energy, but the energy from that source can go into the freezer, to produce more freezer energy.

Similarly, if there is an energy field that you can’t use, you can use the power generated from that energy field to drive an engine, and this energy can go back into a power plant, which creates more power.

There’s no other source that can create enough energy to supply a system with energy.

A person who doesn’t have a spirit is just another person, an energy consumer.

When you see a system in action, think of a car or a plane, or even a person who’s on the moon.

These are examples of systems that have a natural energy source.

Energy is a resource that is created by a person’s activity.

If energy is created from the energy of another person or system, that person or the system can use that energy.

Energy comes from a natural, invisible source.

There aren’t any humans or machines or electricity generators

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