When you’re on a roller coaster, don’t panic: The brain will survive the ride

When you ride a rollercoaster, the brain is an integral part of your experience.

It’s a mechanism that enables you to navigate the ride, and in some ways, it’s the one most likely to be injured in the process.

But what if you’re the one taking a ride, rather than the people in the ride?

That’s exactly what happened to the patient who was rushed to hospital after her head was crushed by a coaster.

The woman was rushed by her friends to hospital on December 4, 2016, with serious head trauma.

She later died.

The cause of death is currently under investigation, but the medical team is now considering a post-mortem to try and pinpoint what caused the woman’s death.

As the medical report is still under investigation by the coroner, we’ve decided to share it with you here in the hope it helps other patients who might be in the same position.

According to the coroner’s report, the woman was riding the Rollercoaster Coaster at Brixley Park, a facility in the south of England.

She fell from the ride during the ride and hit her head on a rock, breaking it.

According the report, “Her head hit the ground with such force that it was dislodged from her head.”

The head trauma was sustained during the rollercoast ride, which took place in December of 2016, the report says.

The woman was taken to hospital by her friend, who was travelling with her.

She suffered a head injury, but was not seriously injured.

However, she died.

A post mortem has been carried out on the woman, and is currently examining the injuries and other relevant evidence.

The coroner said the woman died of “subdural haematoma of the skull”, which is a type of blood clot that can form in the brain, and that there was “no evidence of other trauma”.

However, it was not known whether she had been on drugs, or if the roller coaster was the cause of her injury.

The coroner did state that the man who was in the coaster at the time was not in a position to assess the injuries.

It’s not known if there was a medical team on the ride at the moment.

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