New technology could prevent accidental suicide

Transworld Systems Inc. (TRS) has been awarded a patent for an automated “self-injury” system that could prevent people from dying of a suicide attempt.

The patent, filed in February 2017, details a system for detecting a person is experiencing a mental disorder and for automatically detecting that person is “on a suicide watch list.”

It also explains that the system can be used to identify “suicide prevention messages” on the person’s cellphone or social media account and for the device to “trigger” a notification that the person needs to take action.

TRS was founded by former IBM executive and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg in 2009.

TRC and its subsidiary, Transworld, received $30 million from Facebook in 2016 for its “suicidal watch list” program.

TRT CEO Brian Whelan said he was excited about the patent application.

“TRS has developed a technology that allows us to automatically trigger a notification when someone on the ‘suicide watch list’ is on a suicide countdown,” he said in a statement.

“This technology could be the most disruptive, lifesaving, and life-saving technology for people in the future.

We’re excited to be the first to apply this technology to our customers.”

TRS said the patent was based on technology it developed to prevent suicide and “is not related to TRC’s existing suicide prevention technology.”

TRC has been working on suicide prevention technologies for about two decades, according to a statement from the company.

The company also developed a “suicidescore” that can detect suicide attempts within 15 minutes.

TRSC has about 200 employees and has offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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