‘Worst-case scenario’: ‘Troubling’ air pollution at Delhi’s airport

A series of air quality alerts from the Indian government have raised alarm among people in Delhi.

The state’s transport department has also been warned to stay indoors and close their windows.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has also issued a warning that the state could be hit by a worst-case situation.

The centre said Delhi could be suffering from a toxic cloud with “hazardous” levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NOx).

“The CSE has issued air quality warnings at several airports in Delhi and the surrounding areas,” a spokesperson for the department said.

“These air quality advisories are based on the information provided by the relevant authorities.

In Delhi, the pollution levels have been recorded as being among the worst of any Indian city and Delhi is currently facing a hazardous air pollution scenario.”

We strongly urge the Delhi Government to implement strict action against the culprits behind this pollutant crisis,” the spokesperson added.”

This pollution is already being felt in Delhi city, as people have reported feeling smoky air and smelling smoke from their homes.

We urge the Government to take immediate steps to control the situation,” he added.

The Cse issued a fresh air quality alert last week, which also warned people to stay inside, shut their windows and shut doors and stay indoors during the day.

The alert comes amid the ongoing air quality crisis in Delhi which has been worsened by the presence of a toxic haze in the city, which has caused health and public health problems.

In December, Delhi’s air quality index hit a record high of 405.

The national average of 302.7 was recorded by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee on Tuesday.

The city is also facing serious air pollution levels due to a lack of rain, high concentrations of PM2.5 particles and NOx emissions.

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