Systemic racism in healthcare: A review

By K.P. Sharma, The Hindu(Updated)As the global pandemic enters its third year, healthcare systems are facing the highest challenges.

Despite the government’s efforts, they continue to be the victims of systemic racism and discrimination.

The recent Supreme Court judgement on the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) is an example of systemic discrimination in India.

The court recognised that it is the responsibility of the government to take effective steps to prevent systemic racism.

While the court recognised the need for the government and the medical profession to work together to address racism, it also stated that it was not the role of the courts to enforce the RDA.

This is because the government has not taken the appropriate measures to ensure that the law is enforced.

This may lead to a failure to enforce a law in a time of need.

The lack of enforcement of the RTA by the government was a key point in the Supreme Court verdict.

The RTA requires all health professionals in India to disclose their race to their employer.

It requires employers to have a list of all employees and their names, gender, age and race.

Employers have to provide a copy of the list to the state governments.

The list must be made available for the state to check the accuracy and relevance of the information.

Employees and their family members are not allowed to share the list, unless they have a legitimate reason for doing so.

The ruling in the RAA has a big impact on the health sector.

It is a clear indication that the government is working to eradicate systemic racism in health care systems.

The healthcare industry in India has been working for a long time to address the issue of racism.

However, it is an industry which has been under the control of vested interests and they have always done what they can to limit its reforms.

As healthcare workers we are expected to do everything possible to reduce our social isolation and discrimination and to promote equality.

In the absence of effective action by the state, it will be the responsibility on the part of the medical professions to enforce this law and ensure that it becomes law.

As the medical workforce is a key pillar of the Indian economy, the healthcare sector must be the focal point for all efforts to eradicate racism.

The health workforce should be a catalyst for the elimination of systemic racial discrimination and the promotion of gender equality.

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