South African tourist guide system ‘is dead’

South Africa’s tourism industry has been a hotbed of corruption, and the latest corruption scandal in the country has been the one that has hit the industry hardest.

The South African Government announced on Monday that its tourism guide system “is dead”.

It was the country’s third corruption scandal of the year, and it comes as the country grapples with an economic downturn that has resulted in unemployment and falling birth rates.

The latest scandal involves an employee of South Africa Travel Management (SATS), who has been arrested and charged with taking bribes from clients, and two other South African employees.

SATS is one of South African’s biggest travel companies, operating in more than 100 countries.

It is owned by South Africa Tourism Group, which is owned jointly by the South African government and the Tourism Ministry.

The government is investigating SATS for corruption and bribery.

The country’s Ministry of Tourism and Heritage has said that the ministry is in the process of reviewing SATS policies, and that the company could be shut down by the end of the month.

The agency’s managing director, Simon Hoegh-Guldberg, confirmed that the agency is “in the process” of shutting down the company, but said it will not make any final decisions until a final decision is made.

Sats was the subject of an investigation in 2015 after a whistleblower, who had been working for the agency for years, revealed how it had been engaged in bribery and extortion.

In 2016, the South Africa Public Prosecution Service (SPPS) launched a criminal investigation into the agency, accusing it of engaging in bribery, corruption, money laundering, breach of trust and breach of privacy.

In October, the SPPS charged four individuals with bribery in connection with Sats.

The charges stem from an alleged payment to the agency in 2016 of a total of $1.8 million for the “transportation of an employee” to visit a client in the United States.

The individual, who was arrested, was also charged with engaging in a conspiracy to commit bribery.

It’s believed that the money was used to secure the hiring of an additional employee to run the agency.

“I was in a position where I could not say no,” said one of the alleged victims in an affidavit obtained by Business Insider.

“It was just a question of if or when I would be able to say yes.”

Another former Sats employee, who wished to remain anonymous, said that her boss told her that the organisation was “a real threat to the government” and that he was worried that the government would cut off the agency’s funding if it was not reformed.

“He said that it was a big deal to say no, because that was the only way that you could survive,” the former employee told Business Insider, describing the situation as “totally fucked up”.

“He didn’t give me any advice to stay or to leave the agency,” the woman said.

“The company was like a parasite.

It had taken over my mind and I had no other options.

I had to do whatever it took.”

In October 2016, a former SATS employee told the South’s Public Prosecutions Service that the office of the head of Sats, Peter Czajewski, “was full of sycophants and cheats” and “that he had personally known many people in the office”.

The former employee said that she was asked to meet Czajaksi at his office in order to discuss a proposal that the head had to “get rid of” a company that was involved in a bribery scandal.

She was told by Czjaksi that the project involved the hiring and placement of a staff member as an employee in the US, which would “make us much more competitive”.

Czajiksi allegedly said that he had already “worked with the US government and that there was nothing to stop us.”

“We are going to put the people we want to hire in America, and we are going be much better than the US.

This is our opportunity,” he allegedly said.

The former SITS employee said she left the agency after she learned that Czjajewski had been “under pressure” from the agency and was “not doing his job”.

“I think he is a very arrogant man, and I think that he is not doing his work,” the ex-employee said.

According to the former SAPS employee, she left SATS because she feared she would not be able “to work with him”.

She later worked as a journalist in London.

According in court documents, Czijksi told the former employees that “the company would be successful, but it would also be compromised” if she left.

The head of the agency told Business Wire that Czarajewski is “disappointed” and wants to talk to the whistleblower “because she has given the information to our staff and to our clients”. The head

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