Government’s Selective Service System Needs To Get Its Act Together: Experts on a Global Crisis

A new report from the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) on the United States’ Selective System for Women and Girls (SSWG) recommends that the U.S. government “move to the next level in its oversight of the Selective Services.”

The report recommends the creation of a “task force on women and girls” to “review the current Selective service systems, and propose a new system for women and Girls.”

The task force would be “consulted by an advisory committee composed of experts from the field of women and gender studies, social justice, and government, and include members of the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association, American Bar Association, and other professional associations.”

The recommendations also include “a broad review of the current systems, including the National Guard, the Veterans Affairs System, and the military health system.”

The U.K.’s Independent reports the U of T has created a committee of experts “to examine the existing and proposed Selective system of the British Armed Forces, which have an estimated 1.2 million women and 2.3 million men.

In total, more than 200 women and men have signed up for the service.”

The authors of the report argue that “an extensive review of current and proposed systems, both current and prospective, would provide a comprehensive view of current problems with the Selectives.

These recommendations would include: the creation or expansion of an independent independent review team to study and assess the Selectivities in order to identify the problems and recommendations needed to change the current system; a review of any other changes that might be required; and a process for developing recommendations for the current, prospective and potential future systems.”

The IPS report also says the United Kingdom “needs to change its Selective services from a highly centralized system to one that is responsive to local communities and local needs.”

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