Apple ‘s new skeleton system is a ‘killer app’ for tracking the health of its employees

Apple has announced that it has created a new “skeleton” system that can be used to track the health and fitness of its staff, in an attempt to counter the increasing health concerns of its workers.

The move comes after a number of tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all faced increased concerns about their employees’ health following the deaths of workers at factories in China, and the introduction of the new system.

The system uses “health data” and “activity data” from workers to help with wellness initiatives, and will also help employees monitor the effects of their illnesses on their health and wellbeing.

Apple’s new system uses the “health-related tracking system” to “assess and monitor employee wellness,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch, explaining that the system will also “provide health and wellness assessments to other employees” and provide feedback on employees’ “activity and health-related behaviour”.

Apple’s health-tracking system can be found in the new Health app for iOS, with Apple saying it is now available in more than 100 countries, including Canada.

It will be a feature that Apple will begin offering in the coming months, but will only be available in the US.

The new system is currently available in Canada, Australia and the US, but not in other countries.

Apple previously revealed that it would be rolling out the Health app in the UK, which has a large number of Apple employees.

Apple has previously rolled out similar systems to track employees’ progress, including in the workplace.

In April, the company announced that its “health and wellness assessment tool” would be added to the Health and Fitness app in an effort to “help people get the health information they need”.

Apple also rolled out a similar system in 2014 to track staff’s progress, but this was also rolled back due to the company’s decision to launch the Health App in the United States.

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