How to change your privacy settings on the government’s Aadhaar database

Government employees are asked to keep their Aadhaar details secret to protect the privacy of their own lives and to ensure they can access the Aadhaar database, a decision that will be challenged in court.

The government will be appealing the decision by a federal court judge in a case filed in the Supreme Court on Thursday.

The court is considering petitions filed by a former government employee who sought to stop the government from collecting data on him, even though the information is public.

The Aadhaar database is the private information of every Indian citizen, including their birth and death records, their bank account details, their Social Security numbers, health records and other details, the Supreme Commission for Judicial Review has said.

The data is used to conduct government functions and provides a “back door” for the intelligence agencies to monitor the citizens.

It is only when the data is stored in the Aadhaar system that the privacy is violated, the commission said in its order.

The order says the government is allowed to store Aadhaar data for “the purposes of the protection of public health, safety and security”.

The commission has asked the government to keep its Aadhaar data secret for the purposes of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all citizens.

The court ordered the government and its privacy regulator, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, to keep the information about Aadhaar confidential.

The commission said it has not yet received any reply from the government.

Earlier this month, the court asked the Centre to reveal the details of the data in the system to a committee.

The apex court said it was the duty of the government, not a court, to protect its privacy.

The government has already told the court that it is “not required” to provide any details on the Aadhaar data.

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