How to make your own rain in your backyard

It’s not the rain, it’s the water.

That’s the key message from a group of entrepreneurs who have turned their backyard watering systems into a source of global revenue and, for a moment, a dream.

Using water as fertilizer is the latest innovation in a business that is transforming how people drink, live and grow food in places such as India, China and Brazil.

While the water itself has a very low impact on water consumption and has a much higher impact on soil health, the microorganisms that live in it can also help grow food.

The technology, which is being rolled out to small scale in a few countries, can be used to harvest water from rivers and streams and turn it into fertilizer.

The idea behind the microfiltration technology is to create a stream of clean water from a stream or lake into a soil where microorganisms can grow.

For instance, it could be used as a feedstock to grow produce or vegetables, or a way to clean a river that’s been polluted by chemicals.

“Microfiltration is an important tool for food security,” said Gauri Keshavan, chief executive officer of New Delhi-based water company Drip irrigation.

“It could be a feed for our farmers, to make sure that they have the water they need.”

According to Drip, it will be up to the consumer to decide how they want to use it.

“The consumer can have the ability to purchase this product in their area.

It could be for drinking, for planting vegetables, for irrigation.

We have some farmers who have this product at home, they can have it delivered to them for free,” she said.

But for the farmers, there’s a caveat: the microfilter doesn’t come with a guarantee of getting the water back.

“They get it for free, but if you go and ask them about their water quality, they say ‘oh, we’re not sure about that,'” said Arvind Singh, co-founder of the company.

In India, where water is the lifeblood of the economy, it is one of the few places where farmers don’t get any income from the water or can’t buy it from the government.

Drip is aiming to bring this to India’s doorstep.

It’s aiming to deliver the microfilters to all 3,500 small and medium scale businesses across the country, by 2017.

“In the coming year, we will be working on developing it for all the small and micro-scale businesses in India, to enable them to buy it and deliver it back,” said Keshavans partner in the venture.

Dip is also working on a more general microfusion system to be able to take water from the city and treat it.

This is also an opportunity for farmers to get a profit from their crop.

But the technology has been slow to catch on in the West, where it has only been available for a limited time.

India, with the fastest growing population, is home to a growing number of cities with water problems, with about 30 million households without piped water and a growing problem with polluted drinking water.

But India’s microfiber industries are still relatively small, and Keshavin said the company is aiming for bigger markets.

“We’re looking to bring microfibers to all countries.

We’re not looking for any specific market.

We want to bring it to every country in the world,” he said.

Dry and dry, it worksIf the water you use is clean and dry and it’s not being treated with chemicals, the plants can produce food that can be eaten, or even made into drinks.

“If it’s good quality, it can be served for a long time.

If you put the water in the kitchen, it cooks a lot quicker,” said Singh.

Dramatic improvementDrip has also partnered with India’s National Microbiological Laboratory to work on making the technology more efficient, and with a small team of scientists.

In the past, it had to be painstakingly grown in large, cold tanks that took up to six months to complete the process.

Now, the team is able to produce the microtubules on a smaller scale and then use a special machine to remove the water from them.

The machine takes about 15 minutes to perform a complete washing, and it has a shelf life of 20 days.

The machine can then be turned into a filter, which can be put in the ground to remove waste water from soil.

Keshavan said the technology could also be used for soil health.

“Soil can be treated with bacteria and it can then filter out the water and make fertilizer,” she explained.

In the meantime, Drip is working on an improved microfuges that could help farmers with their waste water, such as in areas where there are more than 10 people in a household.

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