Neural network can predict how a person is feeling

Numerical modeling of a nervous system’s function has made the world of neuroscience a lot easier for the researchers who are trying to develop better artificial neural networks.The researchers at Harvard University, the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University have developed a mathematical model that they say will allow researchers to predict how the

How to fix the problem of water in your kitchen

In the United States, the problem is not limited to your kitchen.There are now nearly 300 million people in the United Kingdom, with nearly a million in Australia.The water crisis has left many with serious health problems, including kidney failure, severe allergies, and even death.And that’s just for starters.There is no shortage of water for

“I would say a significant percentage of the farmers are not paying for the water they use, but it is not their problem”: Farm owner tells story of drought and flooding

In October, California’s agriculture commissioner, Gavin Newsom, declared the state in an “emergency” status and ordered the state’s farmers to start paying for their water, or face fines.“Farmers are facing a financial crisis,” Newsom said at the time.“And if they don’t start paying now, they are going to be in a position where they can’t

When the storm hits, you may not know the difference between a hurricane and a storm surge

By Mike OllisPublished Dec 08, 2018 11:07:10It’s hard to imagine a more catastrophic event than a hurricane striking the United States.Hurricane season usually runs from July through September.Hurricane Harvey has just finished hitting Texas and it’s set to bring heavy rains and winds of up to 150 miles per hour, creating flooding and mudslides along

How to stop breathing when you breathe in air

An Australian air quality expert says the most common way to stop air pollution is to stop your breathing.Read moreRead moreThe Queensland government is asking the public to help it to develop an air quality strategy to help reduce pollution in the state’s capital, Brisbane.Key points:Environment Minister Tim Mander said the strategy would include public

Systemic racism in healthcare: A review

By K.P. Sharma, The Hindu(Updated)As the global pandemic enters its third year, healthcare systems are facing the highest challenges.Despite the government’s efforts, they continue to be the victims of systemic racism and discrimination.The recent Supreme Court judgement on the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) is an example of systemic discrimination in India.The court recognised that it

UK’s Puget Sound has ‘one of the most comprehensive and robust’ emergency response systems

By Tom O’ConnorThe Pugets Sound Wilderness system is among the world’s most comprehensive emergency response and response systems, says its chief executive, who has overseen the creation of the system in the last five years.The system is set up by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and is funded through the

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