Lenovo says it will sell its Nexus 7 tablet to the US market

Lenovo has said it will buy back the Nexus 7 smartphone for US consumers.Lenovo announced on Tuesday it would sell the Nexus 6P to retailers in the US, which will include a number of other US-based retailers.The company said the Nexus was sold to consumers at a loss and that it had sold approximately 2.5

How to Build a Home Security System That Works

A system that monitors the temperature and humidity of your home will save you a lot of money in the long run.Home systems can be expensive, and they’re typically connected to the internet.They have to be connected to a power source, which can lead to expensive maintenance and increased energy costs.This guide walks you through

How the caste system definition works

The caste system defined by the caste-based system of government, social and economic inequality defines and explains the nature and structure of the Israeli society.The definition also defines the social relations of the society and the relationships between the various castes.The definitions and the systems of power that the ruling classes use to achieve power

What happens when you turn on your solar system pictures?

You can’t miss the familiar, dark and desolate landscape that lies between the solar system and Earth, the dusty plains of Mars and the icy mountains of Saturn.Now, as a new technology that could help you view the solar systems with greater clarity, a team of scientists has developed an image-processing technology that makes it

How to change your privacy settings on the government’s Aadhaar database

Government employees are asked to keep their Aadhaar details secret to protect the privacy of their own lives and to ensure they can access the Aadhaar database, a decision that will be challenged in court.The government will be appealing the decision by a federal court judge in a case filed in the Supreme Court on

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